SAIT Polytechnic

We helped modernize the reputation of one of our most respected technology schools.

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is one of Canada’s premier post-secondary institutions. In the late 90’s it sought to expand beyond a solid, but limiting, reputation as the “old trade school on the hill”. Creative Intelligence was hired to help update Sait’s brand identity, market positioning and marketing communications. We worked closely with SAIT’s corporate marketing department and took seats on their Marketing Council so that we could engage key stakeholders across the institution. And, ultimately, involve a wide swath of SAIT personnel and students in building a more relevant and contemporary brand. This brand, and the campaign that launched it, were designed to reflect two key aspects of the SAIT advantage: their effectiveness in helping students “Build Careers”, and their capability and to help industry “Build Business”. This paved the way for the success they’re having today as a hub of real-world learning, innovation and technology.